Conference Reports, papers related to C4D

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01-Feb-1980 Regional Project Support Communication Meeting. Report on the workshop held in Bangkok, 18-26 February 1980. Workshops; East Asia and the Pacific; Programme support communications 59 pages. The report is introduced by a background section, followed by summary reports from the participating countries: Bangladesh, Burma (now Myanmar), Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Thailand; Topics of discussion: community oriented media; community participation; implications of using the private sector; training requirements in PSC; Draft programmers' guide for PSC, and a list of participants. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000276
01-Feb-1980 PSC. Nepal. PSC Workshop for Programme, PSC and Project Officers. Kathmandu, Nepal, 10-13 March 1980. Basic services; Water supply; Sanitation projects; Nepal; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 4 pp.
The document gives a brief outline of the objectives, methodology of the workshop, discussing constraints and making an assessment of the situation with PSC in Kathmandu, as well as making recommendations and offering additional suggestions.

01-Feb-1980 PSC. Nepal. Communication Support to the Community Supply and Sanitation Programme, UNICEF-Nepal, paper by Cynthia Reader, UNICEF, Kathmandu, prepared for the EAPRO PSC Workshop, held in Bangkok, 18-26 February 1980. Programme communication; Communication for development 17 pp.
The document describes PSC work in Nepal, especially in conjunction with the water/sanitation project, and outlines short and long-term communication strategies. Pre-testing of posters is illustrated with the initial and improved versions of posters, for building pit latrines, and reforestation. Illustrations are shown

05-Mar-1980 Development Communication in Developing Countries. Dream and Reality. Paper by RRN Tuluhungwa for the seminar, Development, Woman and Child Welfare, held in Dakha, Bangladesh, 5-7 March 1980 Child welfare; Communication skills; Bangladesh; Communication for social change; Communication for social development 7 pp
Speaks about basic operational definitions of communications; community participation in developemnt; communications in development; the mass media; mass media and social change; new conceptions of development communication; gives advice on how developing countries could make use of traditional media to further development.
05-Mar-1980 PSC. Thailand. Information Note, report by Guy Scandlen on a meeting of Support Communication and Programme Officers from the EAP Region, 18-26 February 1980, Bangkok, Thailand Workshops; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Behavior change communication 11 pp.
Brief report on salient aspects of the meeting (Low-cost community-oriented media, implications of using private sector, training in support communication for UNICEF personnel, community participation). A fuller report on this meeting appears in CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-000276.
01-Apr-1980 A discussion paper on Communication Proposal to Promote Breastfeeding in Brazil. Paper by Gerson da Cunha, Communication consultant, UNICEF Brasilia, April 1980 Behavioural change; Breastfeeding; Brazil; Communication for social change; Behavior change communication 65 pp
The paper describes the general situation with regard to breastfeeding in Brazil, which was declining, and suggests methods of communication to improve the situation. Against the background of the specific focus on the promotion of breastfeeding in Brazil, the paper provides an example of the thinking at the time of the role of communication, social marketing and related techniques in support of development projects, and the strategic planning of a PSC campaign.
18-May-1980 PSC. Ghana. Communication Support and Integrated Rural Development in Ghana, paper prepared for the 30th International Conf. on Communication, ... in Acapulco, 18-23 May 1980, by Joseph Ascroft, Gary Gleason, Univ. of Iowa, Consultants for UNICEF Rural development; Ghana; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 25 PP.
Outlines the economic, social and cultural situation in Ghana and problems establishing a communications network or system for development assistance messages, mainly in agriculture.

Paper presented at the 30th International Conference on Communication, Human Evolution and Development, of the International Communication Association. Acapulco 18-23 May 1980.
01-Jun-1980 The case for a Project Support Communications Unit for Nigeria. Consultancy report by Joseph Ascroft, Univ of Iowa, Michael Oyedele, UNICEF, Lagos & Anthony Agboola, Govt, Nigeria, June 1980

Evaluation studies; Nigeria; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 40 pp. The report gives basic background information on PSC in Nigeria; the consultants travelled to Oyo and Rivers states, visiting a number of rural and self-help projects, and observed the diversity of cultures, traditions and beliefs. The report makes a strong case for the gradual build-up of PSC facilities, one component at a time, starting with a printing unit, and lays out the several implications this represents in terms of added technical training, machinery, evaluation techniques and personnel. Two fold-out schematics show the capabilities to be included: conceptualization, photography, graphics and layout, printing and finishing; distribution and follow up; in terms of premises, technical equipment and personnel. The second fold-out shows a possible architectural layout of the premises needed. Suggestions for equipment are also made.
20-Jun-1980 Project Support Communications Service. Achievements, problems and perspectives. Discussion paper by RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF, New York, presented at the Global Information and Communications Conference, 21-25 June 1980 Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Communication for social development 8 pp
The paper outlines the history and development until then of UNICEF's PSC work, and its role in supporting the implementation of assistance programmes.
01-Sep-1980 Resources and Mechanisms for the Development of UNICEF Cooperation in the Region of the Americas during the Decade of the 1980's. Presentation by Fritz Lherisson, UNICEF Representative for the Caribbean, at UNICEF staff meeting in Santiago, Chile. Social development programmes; Child health; Caribbean; South America; Programme support communications 18 pp
Presented at a UNICEF Regional staff meeting to examine the future role of UNICEF in Latin America. The paper does not deal directly with PSC, but gives general background of UNICEF's situation in the region, outlines priority areas of action for UNICEF assistance, and possible strategies and approaches. Regrets that UNICEF in its analysis of development does not go beyond the 'simplistic criterion' of per capita income. Discusses UNICEF's mandate, and policies in Latin America, fundraising, cooperation between countries within the region.