Conference Reports, papers related to C4D

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01-Oct-1981 PSC. Honduras. Nutrition Communications Project SAPLAN/CARE. Final Report. Tegucicalpa, Honduras Nutrition education; Honduras; Communication for development; Communication for social change 13 pp
Provides a general description of the project goals and achievements. Outlines educational materials, choice of nutrition topics, visual materials, personnel and responsibilities. Accompanied by 4drawings to be used in project communications.

01-Oct-1981 PSC. Mozambique. An Assessment Report of the Social Communication Project of the Republic of Mozambique, by Jose Manduley, PSC Officer, UNICEF, New York. 1-12 October 1981 Evaluation studies; Behavioural change; Mozambique; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 51pp
The Govt. of Mozambique requested a continuation of the project evaluation that had started in 1980.
Among the annexes to the report is a sample script of a Radio Development Forum Broadcast from Nigeria.

19-Oct-1981 PSC. West Africa. Mission report by Jose Manduley, PSC Officer, UNICEF, New York, 19-23 October 1981. Slides; Africa; Central African Republic; Gambia; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 9. pp
The report surveys the PSC activities in UNICEF's projects in the West African countries from September 1980 to October 1981. The countries reviewed include, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso (Upper Volta), The Gambia. The reoprt also discusses tapes, articles and photos produced by the WARO Office, and outlines proposed activities planned from the end of 1981 to 1983. The report ends with some recommendations.
01-Dec-1981 Development Support Communication and Rural Development in Nigeria. Masters thesis presented by Anthony Ifeolu Agboola to the Graduate College of Journalism, University of Iowa, December 1981. Rural development strategies; Nigeria; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Communication strategy 39 pp.
Anthony Ifeolu Agboola was Social Development Officer, Federal Ministry of Social Development, Youth, Sports and Culture, Lagos.
The thesis articulates the discrepancy between many well-meaning, well spoken seminars and papers on the one hand, and shortage of effective implementation on the ground on the other. The Fagbo Cocoa Development project in Nigeria serves as a case study and example. The need for PSC and suggestions for its implementation are outlined.
01-Dec-1981 Pakistan: Towards a manageable PSC approach. Report by RRN Tuluhungwa, Chief, PSC Service, New York Nutrition education; Child health; Goitre control; Pakistan; Programme support communications 7 pp
Current trends and perspectives of UNICEF's PSC work in Pakistan included advisory and programming services to federal and provincial programmes; training; technical and production support; applied research; and liaison with other intergovernmental agencies. The recommendations included: a small brochure should be produced explaining human behavioural aspect of community-based projects; orientation/training on the role of PSC; a survey should be made of Pakistani national capabilities for PSC materials production; there was a need for sensitizing and orienting decision-makers and bureaucrats on PSC.
07-Dec-1981 Communication in Rural Development. Dream and Reality. Discussion notes by RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF Hq Training; Programme support communications 8 pp.
The paper describes PSC and its role in supporting development and UNICEF's work. Prepared for the International and Development Education Programme, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh, 7-8 December 1981.
01-Jan-1982 Swaziland Workshop. Proposal prepared at UNICEF Hq, New York re UNICEF's Sub-regional Workshop on Training of Trainers for Communications for Basic Services. Mbabane, Swaziland, 14 March - 2 April 1982 Evaluation studies; Training methods; Communication for social change; Development support communication; Communication for social development The proposal outlines the content of the workshop, tasks of extension workers, sensitization/motivation of community anaimators, planning and implementation of evaluation programmes, training objectives, approaches and strategies. Names of members of the Planning Committee. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000228
01-Jan-1982 PSC. Haiti. Prelimary proposals and recommendations for a social communications programme as an approach of integrated basic services for mothers and children in Haiti, mission report by Jose Carlos Manduley, PSC Officer, UNICEF, New York Basic services; Social development; Child health; Haiti; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 21 pp
Surveys situation in Haiti with regard to social development, especially priorities for mothers and children. Reviews UNICEF assistance projects at the time, and identifies further needs for national, human and technical resources to carry out requisite communications strategies.
11-Jan-1982 Programme Support Communications. PSC report for Nigeria for 1981. With transmittal letter from Gary R. Gleason, UNICEF Representative Education for development; Social development; Nigeria; Programme support communications 7 pp
Outlines UNICEF's PSC work in Nigeria during 1981, focusing on education--in collaboration with the Nigerian Educational Research Council and its regional educational resource centres; establishing a DSC (development support communication) unit concentrating on assisting the Federal Ministry of Social Development, Youth, Sports and Culture; health, working with the programme officer in health; and water programme, within which the UNICEF assisted Federal Water Supply and Sanitation Pilot Project in IMO State developed an integral PSC component and began operations.
26-Jan-1982 Proposal for Implementing Breastfeeding/Weaning Strategies in the Caribbean. Strategy paper by UNICEF, Kingston, Jamaica. Breastfeeding; Infant nutrition; Jamaica; Communication for social change; Communication strategy 15 pp
Outlines earlier UNICEF efforts to improve nutritional status of children in the Caribbean countries between the 1960's and early 1980'; accounts for achievements of individual countries.
Also attached: List of important legislative events in 1981 relating to breastfeeding: international legislation and standard setting by intergovernmental bodies, and legislative action by individual countries.