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12-Jul-1983 Updating of "An Overview of UNICEF Policies, Organisations and Working Methods (Part 2. Programme Matters)," correspondence from Dr. Nyi Nyi, Director, Programme Development and Planning Division, and from Wan-fai Yung, PSC UNICEF policy; Programme support communications 4 pp.
The document, An Overview of UNICEF Policies ... was being revised. UNICEF's PSC UNIT provided 2 paragraphs defining PSC.
31-Jul-1983 Trends and Issues in PSC. Country specific challenges to PSC in Bangladesh. Memo from Reesom Haile, PSC Officer, Bangladesh to Jane Bunnag, Regional PSC Officer, Bangkok, giving feedback. Bangladesh; Programme support communications Memo attaches the draft "From Project Support Communication (PSC) to Community Participation and Communication (CPC)", which reflects on: On PSC Identity; On realtions with programme and project officers; On relations with information officers; Members of a team; a diagram showing flow of information in the team; Implications;

Sent with routing slip to RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF, New York by Jane Bunnag, Regional PSC Officer, UNICEF, Bangkok. Another routing slip is from Toshihiko Murata, [Toshi] Asst. Communication Technology Officer, PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, to RRN Tuluhungwa.Tren
01-Sep-1983 Comments (1983) on draft for the conference "Global Workshop on Communications in Support of Programmes for Children" later held in Bangkok 23 January - 3 February 1984 Evaluation; Behavioural change; Workshops; Community health services; Development support communication 17 pp.
Comments from UNICEF Hq staff and field offices on the draft outline being prepared for the forthcoming workshop in Bangkok; comments received from Islamabad, Kathmandu, Dar-es-Salaam and other field offices.

01-Oct-1983 Integration of communication in Primary Health Care. Portion of report of workshop in Bangkok. Behavioural change; Nutrition; Primary health care; Health promotion; Health communication 15 pp
Groups of workshop participants make suggestions for uses of communications to suit different aspects of PHC.
31-Oct-1983 Film on Selective Primary Health Care. Experience in Mali. Note for the Record, by RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF NY. Also "Selective Primary Health Care" Also paper by Philippe Stoeckel in French, about vaccination and PHC Primary health care; Health promotion; Vaccination; Films; Mali; Health communication 16 p.
- article: "Selective Primary Health Care. An interim strategy for disease control in developing countries" reprinted from
the New England Journal of Medicine, 1979.
- note about Philippe J. Stoeckel, Director, APMP and
- his paper (1983) (in French) on Vaccination as entry point for primary health care
17-Nov-1983 Programme Committee 17 November 1983. Discussion on Health Education. Note for the Record of meeting at UNICEF Hq, New York. Community participation; Behavioural change; Health education; Communication for social change; Behavior change communication 6 pp
Muriel Glasgow and Revelians Tuluhungwa presented an overview of health education relating to water supply and sanitation. Contains a list of problems besetting health education, categorized under: government, community and family, UNICEF. Summary of recommendations emerging from the discussion and action proposed; a definition of "health education". Health education is seen as an activity, but would more fruitfully be approached as a process, a continuum. The refore, messages are disseminated but not supported or based on local social norms. Little attention is paid to existing knowledge, societal norms, feedback, or even how the message is received and acted upon. The problem with this approach is (a) it is usually a passive model with people receiving the message but usually lacking the resources to carry it out, and there is little opportunity for feedback.
06-Dec-1983 Accelerating child survival and development -- cooperation with NGOs. Memo for action, EXD-2870, from J.P. Grant, Executive Director, to Regional Directors, UNICEF Representatives, HQ Directors and Section Chiefs, and Field Information Officers. Child survival and development; Child health; Communication for social change Discusses UNICEF cooperation with: League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (with relevant League resolution); International Pediatric Association (with full text of relevant resolution); CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000119
19-Jan-1984 Draft Recommendations to the Executive Board for Programme Support 1985-1987. Submitted by Bert Demmers, Chief, CIS, EARO Nairobi (see notes for full title); and two other documents strongly defending the continued funding and programming of PSC. Basic services; Financing; Programme support communications 14 pp
3 documents strongly supporting continued funding for PSC Unit in Nairobi
1. Draft recommendation to the executive board for programme support 1985-1987
2. "Analysis of Regional PSC Proposal" by J. Mayrides, Africa Section UNICEF Hq,
3. "Regional PSC Activities -- EAR" 1982 confidential memo from Donald A. Allen, Chief, CIS, EARO, Nairobi to V. Tarzie Vittachi, UNICEF Hq,
01-Mar-1984 Communications Support for Programmes for Children. Planning for workshop. Behavioural change; Social marketing; Training; Advocacy; Programme support communications; Communication strategy 8pp
The previously planned global meeting of PSC Officers had evolved, based on numerous comments from PSC Officers and Programme Officers in the field and headquarters staff, into a workshop on Programme Support Communication and strategies to be used in going to scale with the Child Survival and Development Revolution.

The need for this type of workshop has been made evident from papers and progress reports from headquarters and the field that explain and detail a rapid evolution in programming. There is an obvious shift from a supply orientation to one emphasizing advocacy at policy maker levels and demand creation related to Infant Mortality Reduction (IMR) at the level of families, mothers and children.
20-Jul-1984 PSC. India. Plans for Accelerated Implementation of Radio/Media Orientation. UNICEF, New Delhi Nutrition education; Child health; Radio programmes; India; Communication for development; Communication for social change 11 pp
Memos and notes from David P. Haxton, Regional Director, New Delhi, and Razia Ismail, Information Officer, New Delhi, dealing with implementing radio programmes in collaboration with the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Also a map of India showing the number of ICSD projects in 1984, and another map showing the location of AIR radio stations.