Miscellanous items of interest related to C4D

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Date Created Title All Thesaurus Terms Expanded Number
25-Apr-1974 Limitations of Radio in PSC. Note for the Record from John Balcomb, EARO, Nairobi Nutrition; Nutrition education; Radio programmes; Kenya The memo sets out the views of JR Kagwana, Direcgtor of Broadcasting, Voice of Kenya: national messages about nutrition are of little value in a country like Kenya with so many different ecological zones. They have to be adapted to dietary needs and food capabilities of the different zones. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000241
04-Oct-1977 PSC. India. Annual Report 1977. Project Support Communications Section, with routing slip from Gopal Dutia, PSCS, UNICEF, New Delhi, to B. Berndtson, PSC Unit, UNICEF, New York. Basic services; Nutrition education; Child health; India; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 35 pp
The report notes a significant change in their PSC activities during that year from increased contact with UNICEF's programme sections and involvement with twice as many projects; also working more closely wtih Government counterparts, and creative media persons, film makers, design and layout artists, printing presses and production organisations.
14-Oct-1977 Nairobi Feedback Relative to memo dd 14 October 1977, entitled 'Communication Support to Projects' with attachments from Bjorn Berndtson, Chief, PSC, to Michael Iskander, Africa Section, UNICEF UNICEF policy; Education for development; Participatory development; Advocacy; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Communication strategy 18 pp.
- Feedback from Nairobi concerning: EXPRO 240, a directive to the field from Programme Division, Hq; the role of advocacy; the need for follow up on promotional activities; several "communications persons" (proposed job-description attached) are needed who can assist UNICEF Representatives and Govt. staff to reach their target audiences.
- job-description of proposed communications person
- Why's and how's of Training-Change-Agents; "Participatory Training for Development" by Kamla Bhasin [ONLY COVER PAGE, body of report is missing from the file].
- "Operational Communications for Planned Social Development. A Frame of Reference" by Bjorn Berndtson.
24-Oct-1977 Training Syllabus for Communications for Social Development. A Residential Study Programme to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, 7 February to 6 April 1978. With covering memo dd 14 Oct 1977 to PSC Officers from B. Berndtson, Chief, PSC, UNICEF Hq, New York Learning; Training; Communication for development; Communication for social change; Communication for social development 18 pp
The seminar was organized by UNICEF/EARO, UNESCO/Paris and Nairobi; and IPPF with assistance of the Community and Family Study Center at the University of Chicago.
The syllabus was intended as a general guide for training of people assigned to communication tasks in relation to social development programmes in Africa. It was aimed at: administrators, production specialists, research specialists and training specialists.
01-Jan-1979 PSC Activities 1979 ... . One page reports from UNICEF field offices detailing PSC activities for the year 1979, and projected activities for 1980. Regional offices; Africa; South America; Asia; Programme support communications 15 pp. Reports on PSC materials, radio programmes and activities are present from the following field offices: Lima; Eastern Africa Regional Office (Nairobi); Islamabad;Colombo; Lagos; New Delhi;Dhaka; Lusaka; Beirut; Abidjan; East Asia and Pakistan Regional Office (Bangkok); Seoul; Jakarta; Kathmandu. The reports list activities such as training of staff, production of audiovisual and other communications materials, impact assessment among local communities, and activities related to the International Year of the Child. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000150
05-Mar-1980 Information Note. About Regional PSC meeting held in Bangkok 18-26 February 1980, by Guy B. Scandlen, Regional PSC Officer, UNICEF, Bangkok. Community participation; Training; Mass media; Communication for development; Programme support communications 11 pp.
Report on the proceedings and results of the meeting, detailing objectives of the meeting, points made by participants, implications of using the private sector, training in support of communications ...
15-Jan-1981 PSC. List of staff members and post status as of 15 Jan 1981, PSC Service, UNICEF, New York Staffing; Regional offices; Programme support communications 3 pp
Lists vacant and filled posts (naming incumbent) for PSC related work at all duty stations including changes foreseen in 1982-1983.
16-Jan-1981 DSC Working Group at JUNIC, Tokyo. Letter from Erskine Childers, UNDP, attaching "The Role of Information in Development: Development Support Communication" to be discussed at JUNIC meeting, Tokyo, 1981 Public information; Communication for development; Development support communication 10 pp
Document clarifying the UN's and agencies' concern with communication, recognizing that its social functions were of wider implications than those of public information. Also outlines UNICEF's concern with project support communications.
01-Feb-1981 Draft Report of JUNIC to the Committee on Information of the UN General Assembly Education for development; Trade unions; Information services; Development support communication 7 pp
The report outlines the mandate of JUNIC, the discussions at its 8th session (3-6 February 1981), including major events for 1981, audio-visual issues, development-education, non-governmental liaison service, special target audiences: parlamentarians and trade unions, distribution, careers of the info services, updating the JUNIC plan of action for 81, and conclusions.
24-Mar-1981 PSC material. Saudi Arabia. Information strategy for UNICEF assistance to Saudi Arabia. Note for the Record. Memo from Hoda Hallab, UNICEF, Beirut, to Revy Tuluhungwa, PSC, UNICEF, New York Information campaigns; Mass communication; Saudi Arabia; Programme support communications 4 pp
Memo and Note for the Record, laying out a possible strategy for future UNICEF assistance to Saudi Arabia.