Miscellanous items of interest related to C4D

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17-Oct-1984 PSC. Haiti. Consultancy report on Haiti JNSP programme, by Richard K. Manoff, UNICEF Consultant Nutrition education; Child health; Diarrhoeal diseases; Haiti 24 pp
Within the framework of the JNSP ( WHO/UNICEF Joint Nutrition Support Programme), the consultant's task was to assess all aspects of communications required for UNICEF's ORT (oral rehydration therapy) effort. The report analyses whether the locally produced rehydration product was suitable, appropriately packaged, correctly priced, acceptable flavour; all these aspects were also discussed with the manufacturer. Commercial distribution is discussed, and a diagram of the distribution system provided. Involvement of local advertising agencies is considered, and the overall impact of the project.
10-Feb-1985 Minutes of a special meeting of PC/Information Officers. Taken by Janet Nelson, UNICEF, Geneva at UNICEF's Social Communication and Marketing Workshop, Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985. Social marketing; Programme support communications; Communication for social change cover letter + 3 pp
The meeting discussed training and staff development strategies in programme communications for PC officers, Information officers and Programme officers; the role of and recruitment criteria for PC officers at Hq and in the field; and how to make the communications system work worldwide.
25-Feb-1985 Comments on Nairobi Workshop. Memo from Mark Rasmuson, AED, Washington, DC, to RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF, with comments on UNICEF's workshop on Social Communication and Marketing, held in Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985. UNICEF Social marketing; India; Communication for social change; Communication strategy 3 pp
Discusses reactions of the participants; child survival and ORT programmes can become a trigger for other development objectives, such as income-generating activities. Mark Rasmuson was Senior Programme Officer, Academy fof Educational Development (AED) Washington, DC. He attended the Nairobi workshop, and delivered a paper (see CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000371).
27-Jun-1985 Interview with Revelians Tuluhungwa by John Charnow: Recruitment; Pre-UNICEF Work; Programme Support Communications; Workshops; Communication technology; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Communication strategy 32 pp
The interview covers biographical information about RT, childhood, adolescence, education and jobs before UNICEF, as well as his UNICEF carrier, thoughts about the communications aspect of development assistance, problems and prospects.
11-Sep-2007 FOR RESEARCH ONLY. LINK TYPE - Miscellaneous for webloading (related to C4D) Social development; Women's participation   CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2008-000054