Miscellanous items of interest related to C4D

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Date Created Title All Thesaurus Terms Expanded Number
01-Jan-1983 Advocacy for PHC. Internal draft, possibly part of workshop paper. Undated Basic services; Primary health care; Health promotion; Advocacy The draft details uses of advocacy in promoting/communicating UNICEF's primary health care services. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000083
01-Jan-1983 Review of National Health Strategy. Part II. Internal draft, undated. Probably 1983-1984. Evaluation studies; Basic services; Political conditions; Primary health care; Health promotion; Health services; Health communication; Communication strategy 7 pp
Blueprint for determining a national health strategy in client country, listing general criteria for assessing political commitment, sources of information, evaluation of current strategy, assessment of what UNICEF can accomplish.
17-Jan-1983 Programme Support Communication Service. Hand-corrected final draft of section on PSC Service for the 1982 Executive Director's Annual Report, written by RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF Hq, New York. UNICEF policy; Programme support communications 5 pp. Outlines PSC's role in UNICEF's work, and highlights trends and activities in 1982. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000116
19-Jan-1983 Breastfeeding seminar for journalists. Report on the seminar. UNICEF, Harare, Zimbabwe. Breastfeeding; Infant feeding; Workshops; Zimbabwe 4 pp
Brief report of the seminar, 19-21 January 1983, organized by UNICEF, Harare, and held at the Univ. of Zimbabwe. List of participating journalists and their affiliation.
24-Jan-1983 PSC. Colombia. Minutes of Information/Communication Meeting, prepared by Tony Carvalho, Regional Information Officer, for meeting held 24-27 January 1983, Bogota. Workshops; Advocacy; Colombia; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 25 pp.
The document lays out strategies for the regional advocacy campaign, building on lessons learned, with particular focus on launching the State of the World's Children report.
26-Jan-1983 Red Cross Radio Prize to Promote PHC in Africa 1983. Report of the Jury (WHO, LRCS, UNICEF and URTNA) awarding the 1983 Prize. Also the radio play by Tsenna Mengistu (Ethiopia) that won 1st Prize. Evaluation studies; Primary health care; Radio programmes; Ethiopia; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 40 pp
This document contains; the jury deliberations 1983; members of the jury; list of contetstants; criteria for awarding the prize; observations of the jury; regulations surrounding participation in the contest and award of the prize; script of the play winning 1st prize; broadcasting schedule and duration of broadcast; programme notes outlining the general health situation in Ethiopia, targeted audience, and evaluation of the programme; animators' guide; questionnaires for listeners to find out what they learned and how they evaluate the programme.
25-Feb-1983 New Policies for Health Education in Primary Health Care. WHO Report. Background document for WHO 36th World Health Assembly WHO; Behavioural change; Health education; Primary health care; Health policy; Health promotion; Health communication 35 pp
The document outlines the major issues relating to primary health care, health education, policies in Member States, and implications for manpower, communication, research and non-governmental/voluntary action.
T of C: Major Issues (The concept of primary health care and health education; Evolution of policies in Member States and WHO; The contribution of health education to PHC: a proposed process); Implications for new policies in four areas (Manpower development; Communication (media); Research; and Non-governmetnal and voluntary action); Conclusions, Annexes

Also related correspondence from Jack Ling, WHO, Geneva transmitting the document to Revelians Tuluhungwha (UNICEF, New York) giving further background; James Grant; Mary Hollnsteiner and April Avedisian.

27-Feb-1983 Mohonk II Report. Accelerating the Revolution in Child Health and Survival. Report on Mohonk II, 27 February - 2 March 1983. Basic services; Community participation; Child survival and development; Workshops; Primary health care; Health promotion; Health communication 36 pp.
PSC is mentioned or implied throughout the report:
See p. 3, para 2; p. 5, para 7; and also p. 17, para e, Community participation;
26-Mar-1983 at 3:59 PM PSC. Zambia. Proposed Programme of Cooperation between the Govt of Zambia and UNICEF 1984-1986, Note for the Record, of a meeting 26 March 1983, Lusaka.   11 pp
Memo from Michel Iskander, Area Representative, SEAAO, Lusaka to Richard Jolly, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF, New York. Attaching a Note for the Record, of a meeting 26 March 1983, UNICEF Lusaka. New programmes being considered included one for urban children, especially in the Copperbelt Province; the Lusaka Squatter Upgrading; collaboration with UNFPA's population projects, concentrating on survival and health of mother and child, breastfeeding, and child spacing; and nutrition. The meeting also discussed distribution problems of essential drugs; need for redesigning programmes; diarrhoea control and other matters.

18-May-1983 Final draft 3 of "Action Framework for Accelerating Child Survival and Child Health" internal document, UNICEF Hq, with distributing memo from Dr. Nyi Nyi, Director, PDPD, UNICEF Hq Child health; Advocacy; Mass media; Communication technology; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Communication strategy 16 pp.
The document lays out steps at Hq and country level.
See Appendix 3 for the "Advocacy, information and communication support".