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3/1/1990 The World Summit for Children: Country-level Opportunities and Challenges. (CF/EXD/1990-004). Attachment #1 Announcement materials of 8 February 1990 SP/SSC/WSC-000.01-1 CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2001-00780
3/7/1990 Contributions and missed opportunities; Fundamental questions; Summit November 1985 Meeting in NY; Relations with other UN Agencies; NGOs Archive Code Valid Date: 10/30/1989
Government Delegates; ReligionArmed Conflict; Baquer Namazi
Main or Elec Storage: Wang Item RSN: 2524 Box Year: Folder File Code: CF/HST/INT/CRC/VAN
Owner Archive Code: CF-NYH-06.H Arch Code V.Date: 30/Oct/1989 Ref Code: CF/NYH/OSEB/HST
Cross Ref or Related Record: CF/HST/INT/CRC/VAN
Cross Ref or Related Record: CF/HST/INT/CRC/VAN
3/19/1990 Meeting of the Planning Committee for the World Summit for Children. New York, 19 March 1990. Brief for the Bangladesh Delegation. ~|~| Copy provided by Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury for archives.
SP/SSC/WSC-002 CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2002-00199
3/20/1990 Report of the Executive Board on the Work of its Special Session on the World Summit for Children (1990: 20 March) Held at United Nations Headquarters, from 18 to 22 December 1989 (E/ICEF/1989/17) Includes Board Decision 1989/31
SP/SSC/WSC-007.02 CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2001-00784
4/3/1990 Four Possible Schedule Options for the World Summit for Children   SP/SSC/WSC CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2002-01199
4/11/1990 Memo re: Contents of the Spcial Summit issue of Intercom dedicated to the World Summit for Children. Progress being made in fleshing out the June issue of Intercom.   SP/SSC/WSC CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2002-01203
4/11/1990 Progress report on preparations for the World Summit for Children (1990: 11, 13 April) [E/ICEF/1990/12 and Add.1] Addendum: Annexes I. Suggested themes and topics for the World Summit for Children; II. Tentative schedule for the Planning Committee and related meetings and activities; III. Pledges and contributions received for the Summit meeting and for Summit-related mobilization activities; [Microfiche]
SP/SSC/WSC-002 CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2001-00791
4/18/1990 Principal Arrangements for the Weekend for World Summit for Children. Draft re: Security Liaison, Protocol Liaison, Delegation Liaison Officers, Media Liaison & Broadcast Services, Hospitality, Conference Servicing, Credentials & Identification, etc.   SP/SSC/WSC CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2002-01200
4/19/1990 Audio Visual Services for World Summit for Children.   SP/SSC/WSC CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2002-01201
4/20/1990 Arrangements and Protocol for the World Summit for Children. Includes "Schedule Option # 3" and "Principal Arrangements for the Weekend".   SP/SSC/WSC CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2002-01202