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01-Jan-1979 Selected articles from the "International Popular Theatre Alliance", Toronto, Canada, relating to community participation and mobilization. Community participation; Social change; Theatre; Community mobilization; Communication for social change 57 pp. Articles, indirectly related to UNICEF's PSC work, dating from 1979 - 1984 about indigenous forms of theatre in developing countries, and the use of this medium as a means of communication for social change. Authors include Ross Kidd, co-founder of the popular theatre movement in Botswana, and the author of a doctoral dissertation on theatre and non-formal education in the Third World, University of Toronto. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000068
01-Mar-1979 PSC Newsletter. Vol 3, No.1. March 1979. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York. Educational facilities and materials; Child nutrition; Radio programmes; Communication media; Bangladesh; Republic of Korea; Sri Lanka; Programme support communications Lead article: What is PSC? Other contents: Nutrition snakes and ladders (a dice game); Hands-on workshop on educational materials, Republic of Korea (report on workshop held in July 1978); List of UNICF PSC Staff in the field, and at Headquarters CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000162
01-Mar-1979 PSC Newsletter. Missing centrefoils from the following issues: Vol 3, No's. 1&3, Vol 4, No's 1 & 3, Vol 6, No 2. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Communication media; Programme support communications Centrefoils were partly missing from the scans of the following issues: Vol 3, No's. 1&3, Vol 4, No's 1 & 3, Vol 6, No 2.

This document holds the missing centrefoils.
01-May-1979 PSC Newsletter. Vol 3, No.2, May 1979. "Que es el PSC?" in Spanish. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Basic services; Theatre; Breastfeeding; Communication media; Colombia; Programme support communications Vol 3: 2 of the PSC Newsletter (May 1979) is in Spanish and focuses on Latin America. It was prepared with the assistance of Mr. Orlando Lugo, PSC Officer, and the Lima UNICEF Office, and with financial support of the UNICEF Regional Office in Santiago. The lead article, "Que es el PSC? Concepto e historia del PSC" is a translation from the English article in 3:1 of March 1979 (What is PSC? Concept and history of PSC); some other material from 3:1 is also included (snakes and ladders) , plus material from issue 3:2 (popular theatre), and other material appropriate for the region, such as "Campana de lactancia materna en Colombia" (Breastfeeding campaign in Colombia). CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000179
01-Aug-1979 PSC Newsletter. Vol 3, No.3. August 1979. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York. Theatre; Training; Skills development; Communication media; Malawi; Programme support communications Lead article: PSC training modules, by Guy Scandlen, PSC Officer, UNICEF, Bangkok. [For a complete folder with these training materials, see Box CF/RA/BX/PD/CM/1985/T015: "UNICEF East Asia & Pakistan Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand, PSC Training Materials," a dark blue hard-cover binder]. Other contents: PSC production skills upgrading course -- Malawi, by George McBean, UNICEF, Nairobi; What is popular theatre?; Dialogue with community through popular theatre, by Aina Bergvall, UNICEF, Guatemala City; Announcements reprinted from Salubritas; Workshop for trainers in communications for social development in Southern Africa, hosted by Govt of Malawi, to be held in Zomba, Malawi, 3 -28 September 1979; Materials for sanitary education prepared by the Bureau of Study and Research for the Promotion of Health, Republic of Zaire (list of items and their cost). CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000163
01-Dec-1979 PSC Newsletter. Vol 3, No. 4. December 1979. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Breastfeeding; Hygiene education; Communication media; Kenya; Bangladesh; Thailand; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication strategy Lead article: Pretesting of medicine labels in Kenya, by Joseph F. Kariuki and Peter N. Chege, UNICEF Nairobi (to help illiterate people distinguish between different pharmaceuticals); Other contents: Bangladesh PSC working group established; Pretesting breastfeeding slogans and posters in Thailand; Development communication message design workshop (Wan-fai Yung and George McBean attended 3-week workshop at Stanford University); Formative and summative evaluation (extracted from "Handbook of formative evaluation in communication Design" by Dr. Everett Rogers, Stanford Univ); Science and Technology for basic services: UNICEF exhibit at the Messepalast, Vienna, 20-31 August 1979. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000164
01-Jan-1980 PSC -- SPC -- C'est quoi meme? [PSC - what is it?] PSC Newsletter. Vol. 1 No 1 (in French). 1980. Prepared by the Division of Information and Communication, UNICEF, Nairobi Nutrition; Child health; Radio programmes; Comoros; Malawi; Tanzania; Programme support communications Issue in French prepared by Boubacar Sock, George McBean and Judith d'Inca at the UNICEF Office in Nairobi, Div of Information and Communication. Not a translation of any issue in English, but an independent issue . The lead article defines the nature of PSC; other articles discuss the production of visual materials in Malawi; nutrition and hygiene for infants (Cameroon); the rural press in Tanzania; and radio broadcasting in the Comoros Islands.

This issue is possibly "4:2" referred to in a quotation on the back of issue 4:3 of December 1980: ""Volume 4 Number 2 (Summer 1980) of this newsletter is in French and focuses on Africa. Copies are available from PSC Service, Information Division, UNICEF, 866 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA." "ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: We wish to thank Mr. Boubakar Sock, Mr. George McBean and Ms. Judith d'Inca for their assistance in the production of the French newsletter, and the Nairobi Office for their financial support."
01-Aug-1980 PSC. India. Community Action for Basic Services. Lessons in Self-Reliance (Kerala women and children), by Thomas P. Matthai. Produced by UNICEF, New Delhi, 1980 Self reliance; Community education; Preschool children; India; Communication for development; Communication for social change 19pp
Corresp. between Gopal Dutia, New Delhi and RRN Tuluhungwa, New York, attaching report by Thomas Matthai detailing the Composite Programme for Women and Pre-school Children in Kerala, India. The report was published by UNICEF, New Delhi as part of the Community Action for Basic Services series. UNICEF supports the Kerala CPWPC with supplies, while the state finances other inputs, including vaccines, vitamins, etc.
01-Nov-1980 PSC. India. Community Action for Basic Services (Sri Ramakrishna Mission), written by Thomas P. Matthai, produced by UNICEF, New Delhi, 1980. Basic services; Self reliance; Community based rehabilitation; Nutrition education; India; Communication for development; Communication for social change 9 pp
Memo from Gopal Dutia, PSC, New Delhi to distribution list attaching:
Second Report in the series of Community Action for Basic Services. This report is about the Sri Ramakrishna Mission in Narendrapur entre, near Calcutta. It details the Centre's work for social and economic change, including poverty alleviation, health, training, education, nutrition, sanitation,
01-Dec-1980 PSC Newsletter. Vol 4, No. 3, December 1980. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Integrated services; Cottage industries; Radio; Communication media; Communication technology; Sudan; Sri Lanka; Programme support communications 12 pp. Lead article: Health Message Communication in Sudan, by Diana Gibson, Radio and Communication Officer, WHO, Geneva
Other contents: Radio series: The child in Southern Africa; Booklets on early childhood enrichment in the Philippines; Scenes from a visit to the Intergrated Child Development Services Project in the State of Haryana, India; PSC materials produced by EARO, Nairobi, for health workers in Somalia; Basic communication techniques in Sri Lanka training programmes; Powerless water, by Razia Ismail, Information Officer, UNICEF, New Delhi; Communication planning and strategy course at Cornell Univ, 1-23 June 1981; Agreement with Eastman Kodak; List of new UNICEF staff.