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01-Mar-1983 Urban Primary Health Care. Health Services for the Urban Poor. A process and a product. UNICEF newsletter, UNICEF UE-4, "Urban Examples for basic services development in cities", March 1983. Urban poor; Primary health care; Health promotion; Brazil; Colombia; Ecuador; Peru; Health communication 28 pp.
Article in the UNICEF newsletter, Urban Example, reviewing 7 ongoing UNICEF urban health care projects in Latin America, 4 in Colombia, one each in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador.

Also memo from John Donohue and Francesca Moneti, UNICEF NY, re translation of Urban Examples into French and Spanish.
01-Apr-1983 PSC Newsletter. Vol 7, No. 1, April 1983. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Breastfeeding; Primary health care; Communication media; Yemen; Programme support communications Lead article: Happy Baby Lottery. Popularizing Oral Rehydration Therapy in the Gambian Villages, by William Smith, Academy for Educational Development, Washington, DC; Other contents: Planning and producing audio-visual materials: Slide sets, by RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF, New York; Project profile, by Wan-fai Yung, UNICEF New York (experimental radio drama series, a project of the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, with assistance of USAID and Stanford Univ); 1983 summer courses at Cornell Univ on communcation and development (communication planning and strategy; reaching rural women); Workshop in Yemen Arab Republic on PSC in primary health care; Yupo paper (booklet for traditional birth attendants (TBAs) produced by UNICEF Jakarta on "indestructible" yupo paper, highly resistant to water, folding, chemicals, oil, etc); Solar cells, by Toshihiko Murata, UNICEF New York (different types and manufacturers of PVCs); UNICEF Staff changes ; Acknowledgements. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000173
01-May-1983 Health Education, Cornerstone of Primary Health Care. WHO Features, a newsletter, No 82, May 1983, published by WHO, Geneva Health education; Primary health care; Health promotion; Advocacy; Health communication; Programme support communications 4 pp
The newsletter discusses measures being taken towards the objective of "Health for All by the Year 2000", foremost of which is health education. New activities should be included in health education; community involvement is central . Resistance to change is an obstacle to be dealth with; mass media are considered particularly important in extending health education - their role is outlined; a 'continuum of action' is essential, from advocacy to working with communities and monitoring. The article concludes with consideration of how behaviour can be changed.
01-Aug-1983 PSC Newsletter. Vol 7, No. 2, August 1983. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Family education; Primary health care; Mass media; Communication media; Communication skills; Asia; India; Programme support communications Lead article: Current PSC Trends, by RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF, New York. Other contents: Explainnig oral rehydration therapy: a Mexican booklet (reproduced with permission from PIACT of Mexico); Child health and mass media. Specialists collaborate in Asia and India, by John B. Livingstone, Harvard Medical School; 1983 Red Cross Radio Prize promotes primary health care in Africa; MA programme in Development Support Communications (DSC) University of Iowa; UNICEF Staff changes. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000174
01-Dec-1983 PSC Newsletter. Vol 7, No. 3, December 1983. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Theatre; Breastfeeding; Child nutrition; Communication media; Colombia; Programme support communications Lead article: Can puppets be effective communicators? An experiment in the Colombo slums, by Carol Aloysius, Sri Lankan journalist;
Other contents: Mixed bag, from David Haxton, UNICEF, New Delhi (set of teaching materials, flash cards, aimed at women and girls, on environmental sanitation and oral rehydration); Nutrition surveillance kit; Pocket calendar to promote breastfeeding; Technical Note Series, produced by the Center for International Education (various games intended for village level education); Pamphlet on flies, by Leo Fonseka, UNICEF, Colombo; Slide show presentations; Breastfeeding guide.
01-Mar-1984 Seeds and Microchips. Article by Maria Elena Hurtado published in the March 1984 issue of South: the Third World Magazine; and articles on related topics published in VITA News, April 1983 (see notes) Radio; Communication technology; Communication for development; Development support communication 8 pp
'Seeds and microchips' discusses the possibility of small farmers in developing countries being able to make use of microchip technology to manage their crops. The microchip is alreadv making its impact in the grain fields and rice paddies, boosting yields dramatically by calculating how growers can optimise crop strategies.
Also, VITA, AMSAT plan system for "Low-cost satellite to link villages" by Alice Gerlach and Gary Garriott, published in VITA News, April 1983
01-Apr-1984 PSC Newsletter. Vol 8, No.1, April 1984. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Child survival and development; Breastfeeding; Weaning practices; Child nutrition; Diarrhoeal diseases; ORT; Communication media; Pakistan; Programme support communications Lead article: The promotion of breastfeeding and proper weaning practices in the Ivory Coast, by Ute Deseniss, UNCIEF, Abidjan;
Other contents: Pakistan oral rehydration promotion, based on documents from David Mason, UNICEF, Islamabad; Diarrhoea - still a mystery killer, by Lorna Clarke, UNICEF, Islamabad; The Child Survival Revolution Postal Campaign, by Richard Pordes, UNICEF, New York; UNICEF Staff changes; Health and nutrition learning package (booklets, leaflet, flashcard story, picture and poetry, nursery rhymes).
01-Feb-1985 PSC Newsletter. Vol 9, No.1, February 1985. Produced by PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York Integrated services; Growth monitoring; Child nutrition; Immunization; Mass media; Communication media; Mass communication; India; Pakistan; Programme support communications Vol 9, No 1 was the last issue of the Newsletter in this format. Subsequent contributions relating to PSC were to be included in INTERCOM, prepared by DCI, UNICEF, under its regular feature, "Communications". Lead article in Vol 9, No 1: Current Communication Trends, by RRN Tuluhungwa and Wan-fai Yung, UNCEF, New York. Other contents: Mobilizing communities for mass immunization, by Orlando Lugo and RK Rath, UNICEF New Delhi; Communication components of the Baluchistan Integrated Area Development (BIAD) Programme, by Razia Zafar, UNICEF, Quetta; Social communication and marketing workshop, to be held in Nairobi, 10-17 February 1985; Slide-sound presentation; UNICEF Staff changes. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000177
19-Feb-1988 Social Mobilization for Child Survival. Article by Mr. James P. Grant, Executive Director, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) published in Seeds Magazine. Volume, Number, date not available. Child survival and development; Social mobilization   CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2002-00612
01-Jan-1990 at 11:33 AM Video in the Field. A Novel Approach to Farmer Training. Article by Colin Fraser, Chief of the Development Support Communication Branch, FAO, published in Ceres No 73 (Vol 13, No 1) January-February 1980. Training materials; Agricultural workers; Films; Development support communication While it is notoriously difficulty to reach farmers in developing countries, the Govt. of Peru (through CENCIRA) has developed a novel approach in collaboration with UNDP and FAO. The article describes the CENCIRA programme for the training of staff in the use of video equiment to produce training materials aimed at farmers. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000138