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1965 Nobel Peace Prize Replica

Welcome to the former Records, Archives and History development site, which shared procedures for access to non-current records and other evidence of UNICEF activities. Included were electronic links to specific records or lists of documents resulting from previous research on UNICEF related individuals, countries and themes.

For Historical Highlights now see also UNICEF History at: (launched in 2010 and initally updated periodically.) A unicef Transparancy Portal is at

Please note the UNICEF archives were not publicly available as of 2015-2016 due to renovations. .

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This site was established and is maintained with independent financing.

UNICEF related content of possible ongoing interest to the international community was initially suggested in 1990s by those with Records and Archives management responsibilities, field staff from various locations, and those answering ongoing queries from the general public about UNICEF early history.

Feedback from former members of UNICEF executive office, board members, directors and other staff, as well as UN colleagues, academic researchers who required more detailed information and dedicated volunteers added to the easily accessible on-line collection.

This subset of the wider (and more restricted access) UNICEF Records and Archive Management collection helped expedite responses to initial queries. It also provided a depository for results of previous searches immediately available to all levels of students as well as professional researchers

The views expressed or information presented do NOT necessarily represent the official position of any person or organization. ,

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