UNICEF Research Requests
Online PDF holdings on UNICEF themes are the result of previous research requests which have been posted and represent only a small subset of the information available in the UNICEF archives database.

The postings consist of documents that are either (1) more than 20 years old or (2) publicly accessible at the time of issuance. All PDF documents appear in their original format and have an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) layer and can be searched for key words. Non-PDF references contain lists of boxes, folders or individual items in the archives that can be queried for original paper documents and scanned to be posted on the website as PDFs upon request.

Theme based research requests

see also Country and regional research requests

Research Request Title
Basic Health Services Items relating to basic health services, basic strategy, alternative health issues in the 1970s
Children in Armed Conflict, Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances

Child Protection

Records relating to children in difficult circumstances' and in 'armed-conflict' as presented to the Executive Board, 1986

Unicef formal and informal documents related to child protection

Communication for Development

Records relating to communication for development, programme communication, social mobilization. Includes Official UNICEF Board documents and Executive Programme Directives.

Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)


Historical Items Related to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, [CRC] as of Feb 2005
Education Items relating to UNICEF Education Studies
Establishment o

Establishment of UNICEF, GA Resolution, Establishment of US committee, . Early relationship to Children's Bureau and more
Evaluation Evaluation Process and in regard to Multi-doners and  External Relations

Chronicle of Evaluation at UNICEF by Dr. Herman D. Stein 1948-1984. Includes Chart- Evaluation functions and sources responsible- List of Related documents at end

UNICEF Executive Board & other documents Mentioning "External Relations & Evaluation"

UNICEF Executive Board conference room series 1984 - 1986 Statements by V. Tarzie Vittachi, Deputy Executive Director, External Relations,

Executive Board Report Items relating to 1965 UNICEF Executive Board Reports
Financial Crisis, Development and children


Financial Reports


EXPRO-238 29 January 1975
Charles A. Egger
Economic Crisis - Special Assistance to Children

UNICEF Financial Reports 1960-1977, Some for GCO and Reports of Board of Auditors

International Children's Centre

International Year of the Family

Items relating to ICC

Items relating to IYF
Health Policy



Joint Committee on Health Policy

UNICEF Executive Board and other documents with Health Policy in title

1978 Alma Ata Conference - Primary Health -UNICEF items including follow-up + 25th anniversary statement

Materials related to Joint Committee on Health Policy


Sustainability of Achievements: Lessons Learned from Universal Child Immunization - Report of a Steering Committee. 1996
Mayors as Defenders ... Mayors as Defenders of Children
Medical Sub-Committee
Materials related to UNICEF's medical sub-committee
Medium-Term Plans

Reference to various UNICEF medium-term plans . As requested by researchers
NGO Forum, History

Item linking UNICEF Executive Board and other documents that Mention "NGO Forum,  History, or  Model Cooperation Agreement
Nutrition Item linking all chapters of the "Hunger, Science, and Politics: FAO, WHO, and Unicef Nutrition Policies, 1945 - 1978, by Joshua Nalibow Ruxin, A dissertation submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy University College London"
Oral Re-Hydration Therapy ORT - IDD Documents related to Salt, Oral Re-Hydration Therapy ORT or IDD Iodine Deficiency. Some UNICEF involvement, partner or key statements

ORT early origins

Poland / UNICEF Documents related to UNICEF's contributions to Poland, 1947 - 1961.
Round Tables
Declaration by the Paris Round Table
on 'Today’s Children = Tomorrow’s World' 29-31 March 1989
Special Session on Children

World Summit for Children 1990


DRAFT "From the World Summit to the Special Session: Mobilizing a "First call for Children"; A UNICEF Chronicle".  Approved for posting

World Summit for Children 1990 documents by date with notes

World Summit for Children 1990 documents by title without notes

United Nations  Development Decades Documents related to United Nations First Development Decade

Documents related to United Nations Second Development Decade
UNICEF Historical overview Historical overview documents

UNICEF Policy and Procedures

Items relating to UNICEF Policy and Procedures
Vaccination issues Items relating to UNICEF vaccination and BCG campaigns worldwide
Water, Environment and Sanitation - WES Items relating to WES



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