Examples and Case Studies related to C4D

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11-Jun-1984 Materials to be included in the State of the World's Children Report 1985. From O. Mazombwe, PSC Officer, UNICEF, Harare Community participation; Case studies; Zimbabwe The letter encloses two local case studies from Zimbabwe: "Bindura Farm Health Workers Scheme" and "Sing a Song for Health".
Good results were obtained in Bindura District, Zimbabwe, between 1980 to 1984 with rising nutritional, health and sanitation awareness. Farmers were initially reluctant to providing health facilities for their workers, but with time and experience, even affluent members noticed a diminishing frequency in the habitual work shortages on account of child illness or death. Some now provide wages to health workers, some sell reduced cost milk to mothers, while others provide their farm workers with a plot of their own for growing vegetables to improve family nutrition.
Songs with lyrics like, "Diarrhoea will finish" "Diseases will finish" "Let us build toilets, let us refuse pits" are being sung throughout rural Zimbabwe at schools, community centres, women's clubs, even political meetings, tying in with the love of music of Africans everywhere.
10-Feb-1985 ORT in Honduras. Social marketing in the public sector. Case study presented at the Social Communication and Marketing Workshop, Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985. UNICEF Social marketing; Child health; Diarrhoeal diseases; ORT; Honduras 4pp
The document shows the strategy of an ORT promotion campaign and its effect after one year on infant mortality due to diarrhoea.
10-Feb-1985 The Peru Health Literacy Campaign. Case study presented at the Social Communication and Marketing Workshop, Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985. UNICEF Social marketing; Child health; Diarrhoeal diseases; Peru 4 pp
Details objectives, target, strategy, products and marketing of the campaign and discusses problems faced. Health impacts not available yet, but some lessons learned.
01-Apr-1993 PSC. Harnessing the Power of Ideas, by Colin Fraser. Case study with foreword by James Grant. Published by UNICEF. Education for development; Health education; Health promotion; Child health 44 pp.
Defines social mobilization and gives historical and conceptual perspectives. Discusses planning and implementing social mobilition, including for immunization; creating political will and legislative conditions; galvanizing service deliverers; enlisting media and enrolling allies; the role of UNICEF and future steps.
01-Jan-1998 Communicating for Development. Human Change for Survival. Published book by Colin Fraser and Sonia Restrepo-Estrada, 1998. Published by IB Tauris, London. Rural development strategies; Immunization; Information campaigns; Colombia; Mexico; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 294 pp
Mainly case studies from the developing world illustrating different aspects of communications for development and social change.
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