Technical materials and manuals related to C4D

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01-Jan-1989 All for Health. A resource book for Facts for Life. Behavioural change; Child health; Health communication; Programme support communications; Behavior change communication 77 pp.
Written by Glen Williams in collaboration with UNICEF staff throughout the world. The knowledge needed to save a great majority of children is not technical, and could be put into practice by most parents and communities. A lot of it has been gathered in UNICEF's 80 page handbook, Facts for Life. The challenge now is to make this information part of basic child care all over the world. 'All for Health' addresses that challenge.
01-Jan-1993 Children for Health, Handbook about child health published by the Child-to-Child Trust in association with UNICEF. Education for development; Health education; Health promotion; Child health 183 pp. Edited by Hugh Hawes and Christine Scotchmer, illustrated with drawings by David Gifford. The book is for those who work with children, aimed at policy makers, curriculum planners, health education planners, teacher trainers, schools, and youth clubs and groups.
01-Jan-1996 Facts for Life. Lessons from Experience, by Peter McIntyre. Commissioned by Anthony Hewett, UNICEF Bangkok. @ UNICEF. Education for development; Health education; Health promotion; Child health 156 pp.
Five year's work with the child health facts that every family has a right to know. The story of Facts for Life, how this package backed by UNICEF, WHO, UNESCO and UNFPA, and a participatory approach are making a difference. The book deals with the communication challenge, strategies for communicating facts for life, adapting to national needs, successful use of mass media, interpersonal communication, adult training, children as communicators, health workers and traditional healers, religious leaders, business and the private sector, visual arts and drama, sexual health, cultural sensitivity, and evaluation.
01-Jan-1998 Puppets with a Purpose. Using puppetry for social change. Book written for UNICEF by Peter McIntyre; UNICEF 1998, published in Penang, Malaysia. Communication media; Programme support communications 90 pp
The book demonstrates how puppets can communicate the messages of development, especially to children, as they are able to get away with saying things that people cannot, thus able to address sensitive issues; puppet shows that involve the children can be a great classroom asset. The book includes instructions for making puppets, writing scripts; and suggestions for performing live and on television. Commissioned by UNICEF, with a foreword by Cheryl Henson; published by Southbound Sdn Bhd, Penang, Malaysia.

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