Technical materials and manuals related to C4D

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09-Sep-1983 PSC. Nepal. List of PSC Materials produced in 1983. UNICEF, Kathmandu. With memo dated 9 Nov 1983 to RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF, New York. Video recordings; Nepal; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 11 pp.
Catalogue of PSC materials produced during the year 1983 by UNICEF, Kathmandu.

21-Sep-1983 GCO Sales Manual. Produced by UNICEF Greeting Cards Operation, Geneva Greeting cards; Programme support communications 23 pp
Sales manual explaining GCO's role in UNICEF's work; planning and organizing; recruitment of volunteers; sales points; target groups; sales tools (brochures, posters, banners, displays); publicity and media, and sample letters soliciting support.
01-Dec-1983 Audiovisual Materials for Use in Health Teaching. Report on the WHO workshop (Basel, June 1983) and comments by RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF, NY WHO; Health education; Communication technology; Audiovisual materials; Health communication 18 pp. Dr. MAC Dowling, WHO, Geneva, wanted RRN Tuluhungwa's comments on the workshop report. Tuluhungwa deplores the dearth of training materials, especially audio and visual, and suggests the WHO Health Learning Materials project should also focus on village level and family health education programmes; he also mentions cataloguing existing national resources, strengthening country level production capacity, and cooperation with Pharma International. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000132
27-Dec-1983 Media Production Processes and Products Demonstration. Notes for the Global PSC Workshop held in Bangkok, 23 January - 3 February 1984 by Revelians Tuluhungwa Workshops; Programme support communications 2 pp
Instructions for setting up a demonstration of specific media production techniques at the forthcoming global workshop.
01-Jan-1984 Successful Breastfeeding. Script accompanying 80-slide set audio-visual presentation. Produced by the PSC Unit, UNICEF, New York. Breastfeeding; Infant feeding; Slides; Communication for social change 11 pp.
An interesting comparison can be made between the 150-slide set made in 1982, and the current. While the initial slide set concentrated on technical and scientific aspects, explaining all the medical advantages of mother's milk and the process of breast-feeding, the second slide set gives a strong 'hands-on' feeling. Instead of 'trying to prove something' by accumulating statistics and scientific facts, it simply expresses the conviction that breast-feeding works best for every mother. Minor adversities are anticipated and remedial advice given. The second set gives the impression of having been reworked in view of experience wtih the first, and may incorporate feed-back from new mothers and viewers.
01-Jan-1984 Inventory of Project Support Communication Resources in Pakistan. Compiled for publication by UNICEF, Islamabad, 1976-1983   39 pp.
A listing in table format of PSC material (books, paperbacks, booklets, loose leaf, flip books and other types of printed material) made available by UNICEF, Islamabad.
Compiled by LE Clarke, PSC Officer, and MM Qureshi, Library Services, and the Communication and Information Service (CIS), UNICEF, Islamabad.
The publication itself is undated (date assumed from accompanying memo), resources listed date from 1976 to 1983. The table includes the following information: Title, publisher, format (i.e. booklet, paperback), date of publication, audience (e.g., new literates, adult literacy teachers), description, and language (e.g. Urdu, English, Pushtu, Chitrali).
01-Jan-1984 PSC. Nepal. Miscellaneous materials for project support communication. UNICEF, Kathmandu Basic services; Nutrition education; Child health; Immunization; Nepal; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Communication for social development 18 pp
The material includes translations of texts from teaching posters (mother's milk, health baby, nutritious food, immunization; List of PSC activities December 1982- December 1983; pretesting poster getting comments from health workers and villagers; text of pamphlet/flip card for "What Mother Should Know for Baby's Care"; "communicating with pictures in Nepal, drawings; photos

13-Jul-1984 at 9:50 AM PSC. Zimbabwe. Brochures addressing immunization and primary health care. UNICEF, Harare, Zimbabwe   4 pp
With covering memo from Obediah Mazombwe, PSC Officer, UNICEF, Harare. The poster was not scanned.
01-Jan-1985 Social Communication and Marketing for a Child Survival and Development Revolution. Operational guidelines by Colin Fraser, UNICEF Consultant, presented at the Workshop on Social Communication and Marketing, held in Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985, UNICEF. Evaluation; Evaluation studies; Planning; Community participation; Child survival and development; Social marketing 29 pp
Each guideline is accompanied by a hypothetical case, illustrating its applicability in a practical situation. The guidelines address inter alia assessing government's perception of situation, setting priorities among aspects of UNICEF's package, gathering background info, preliminary planning, community level research, detailed planning, etc. and finally in-depth evaluation after 6 months and consequent reformulation of programme for the future.
12-Feb-1985 A Guideline for Planning and Operating Programme Communication. Practical step-by-step guide by Colin Fraser, presented at Social Communication and Marketing Workshop, Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985. UNICEF Social marketing; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 3 pp
Practical step-by-step guide to setting up and operating programme communication in respect of the Child Survival and Development Revolution, by Colin Fraser.