Technical materials and manuals related to C4D

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01-Jan-1982 Why Breastfeed? Pamphlet accompanying set of 150 slides. PSC Unit, UNICEF, New York. Breastfeeding; Child nutrition; Publications; Slides 14 pp
The pamphlet has a foreword by James P. Grant, and contains one explanatory paragraph for each of the 150 slides. The text covers all the relevant scientific, medical and social information underpinning UNICEF's campaign to promote breastfeeding. Rates of breast-feeding had been declining at the time with many advserse consequences for infant survival and health. New mothers are provided with the scientific, biological and psychological reasons why they should preferably choose to breastfeed their new baby.
26-May-1982 PSC. UNICEF Greeting Card Operations. Info about GCO prepared for the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Workshop, Beirut, 26-27 May 1982 Greeting cards; Evaluation studies; Programme support communications 19 pp
Information kit containing information on publicity materials, slogans used on cards, pricing policy, evaluation of cards, profits, sales trends, distribution, cost of deliveries, selection criteria, and UNICEF image design guidelines.
01-Jun-1982 Proposed Film to Encourage Breast-feeding in Hospitals. Outline (second version) prepared by John Balcomb, UNICEF, describing the technical educational film on breastfeeding prepared by UNICEF. Breastfeeding; Infant feeding; Films; Philippines; Communication for social change 20 pp
The outline describes the film, shot at the Baguio General Hospital in the Philippines. It details changes made to the hospital routine at the Maternity Centre, and explains in medical terms the greatly improved survival rate and health of babies and their mothers. Dr. Clavano became convinced of the merits of breastfeeding while doing post-graduate work in medicine in London, and on her return to the Philippines set about to put her ideas into practice. The document also discusses how the film should be edited and presented for maximum impact of the points being made. Testimonials by well-known obstetricians and doctors reinforce the message.
07-Jun-1982 Regional Workshop on Public Information, PSC and Greeting Cards Ops, Istanbul, 7-13 June 1982 Greeting cards; Workshop equipment; Regional offices; Advocacy; Information dissemination; Turkey; Programme support communications 24 pp
The meeting discussed UNICEF's PSC work and information policy for the region: plans for forming national committees in Gulf countries; translation of important UNICEF publications/documents into Arabic; co-production of films with national capabilities; the role of advocacy; distribution of publications and need for feedback on their usefulness from field offices; the status of funds contributed by AGFUND and the work of HRH Prince Talal, Special Envoy to UNICEF; the recently produced slide set "Why Breastfeed" and other activities. Supplying information to the region's 23 countries, all at different levels of development, was a challenge.
30-Jun-1982 Public information and Greeting Card Operation (GCO), Public relations; Communication media; Programme support communications 13 pp. Discussion paper on UNICEF's greeting card operation, its role within the organisation's work, and its relation to PSC. The paper also looks at markets buying the greeting cards and what audiences they can reach; practical examples are quoted as to how the image of UNICEF can be communicated. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000315
16-Sep-1982 Primary Health Care - The Purpose of Cutting the Umbilical Cord. Radio drama by Tsenna Mengistu of the Ethiopian Educational Broadcasting Service. Also evaluation and report on Red Cross Award ceremony. Evaluation studies; Community participation; Theatre; Health promotion; Primary health care projects; Radio programmes; Health communication 40 pp
Document contains text of the radio drama, and an account of the Award Ceremony, Geneva 8 October 1983 by Jeanne Vickers representing UNICEF.
01-Dec-1982 PSC. Liberia. Caring for Children with Diarrhea. Informational pamphlet produced in Liberia, 1982. Basic services; Hygiene education; Child health; Diarrhoeal diseases; Liberia; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 31 pp
Locally produced pamphlet, received by UNICEF, NY, only in photocopy version. The pamphlet demonstrates the mixing of ORS, and uses simple drawings and captions to convey the standard advice on personal hygiene, basic nutrition, nd environmental sanitation.

01-Jan-1983 UNICEF Promotion and display materials, 1983 (posters, display kits,) Information dissemination; Programme support communications 5 pp
List of available display material with photo,size and price per unit
07-Jan-1983 List of 1982 Annual Reports which Include PSC Activities. Compiled to Toshihiko Murata, Asst. Communication Technology Officer, PSC Service, UNICEF Hq. with memo to RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF Hq Programme support communications 51 pp. The annual reports quoted cover the following areas: Afghanistan; Beirut area; Caribbean Area: Kingston, Jamaica; EARO: Nairobi; Hanoi; Korea; Nigeria; Pakistan; Saudi Arabia; South Central Asia, New Delhi; Sudan. Bangladesh and the Philippines. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000106
01-Jun-1983 The story of Si Unyil, the puppet that reaches millions of television viewers. Book published by the Indonesian State Film Production Centre in cooperation with UNICEF Child Development. Family; Communication media; Indonesia; Programme support communications 51 pp
Four-colour glossy-paper booklet, containing testimonials as to the popularity of the television programme among Indonesia's children. Also contains descriptions, with colour pictures, of all the major characters in the film series; the history of the production; illustrated instructions for making puppets out of papier mache and cloth, and for setting up staging areas; and list of tools and materials needed.