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The Daruma Doll
This giant 'Daruma' doll was given to former UNICEF Executive Director James Grant on 8 October, 1991 by the Japanese Delegation at the Opening of the Exhibition on the Achievement of Universal Childhood Immunization. As good luck charms, Daruma dolls feature one eye painted black to signify the beginning of a goal/process. The other eye is blackened when the goal is achieved. The Japanese writing on the back wishes UNICEF the best of luck for universal polio eradication, and when achieved, then a potential ceremony with the current Executive Director and Japanese Ambassador to blacken the blank eye can take place.

This giant 'Daruma' Doll, a good luck charm, was presented to former UNICEF Executive Director James Grant on 8 October, 1991 with best wishes for universal polio eradication.

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