Gifts and Memorabilia

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External ID Title Date Created Expanded Number
AD-321-ITA-1994-IMAGE-JPG Italian figure 'Premio Zucchi Rer L'Amore Universale' [ Digital Image of Gift ] in red velvet box. Back of Figure says ALL' UNICEF VERONA 1971"..Sticker says ..gliori e argentidte Olgafiuri Baldi [spell?] Milano ...." to H.Labouisse? 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000181
AD-321-ARG-1994-IMAGE-JPG Pop-up book (UNICEF Argentina) [ Digital Image of Gift ] Child Rights Social Mobilization Book - Programme De Menores en Circumstancia Especialmente Dificiles 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000182
AD-321-SLW-1994-IMAGE-JPG Sri Lankan wood carving 1993 - "Ruppe" and DRDA [ Digital Image of Gift ] -requires translation 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000183
AD-321-LAH-1994-IMAGE-JPG Silver plaque presented to James Grant [ Digital Image of Gift ] by Mian Shuja-Ur- Rehman, Mayor of Lahore, Pakistan 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000184
AD-321-SLS-1994-IMAGE-JPG Sri Lankan silver tray given to Mr. James Grant [ Digital Image of Gift ] in commemoration of his visit 2 September 1984..and Mrs. Ethel Grant to Sarvodaya, Pioneering The Child Development Revolution in Sri Lanka...... 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000185
AD-321-CAN-1994-IMAGE-JPG Change canister in Spanish part of the 'Los Ninos' campaign. [ Digital Image of Gift ] Ellos son el reflejo de tu compromiso De Los Ninos De ser Par Los Ninos De UNICEF Contains coins and bills. Por ti, por nostros, deja tu buella en SER" 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000186
AD-321-FPA-1994-IMAGE-JPG Foreign Press Award 1948, presented to UNICEF, [Dig Image Gift ] Through its [executive] Director Mr. Maurice Pate, For alleviating distress in war-countries and contributing to better understanding among the peoples of the world. Foreign Press Assoc. US 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000187
AD-321-PLA-1994-IMAGE-JPG Small plaque presented to Mr. Grant [ Digital Image of Gift ] 24 November 1982 by the Comunidad Maria Occidente - Gobierno Departmental Del Cauca - Expresan Su Gratitud Y Justo Reconcimiento [AL Doctor Grant, Director Ejecutivo UNICEF] 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000188
AD-321-PWT-1994-IMAGE-JPG Paperweight compliments of UNICEF Staff Lusaka [ Digital Image of Gift ] - to Mr. H. Labouisse 2nd Executive Director UNICEF [pre 1980?] . Zambia 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000189
AD-321-BRP-1994-IMAGE-JPG Blue round plaque - damaged - [ Digital Image of Gift ] Missing inscriptions - -after picture taken, disposed in trash as of 11 Nove 2003, per decision of A. Keefe, Project Development Officer, DPP/IMU responsible for suervisioan of Archives and Records 28-Oct-2003 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-000190