Guidelines and directives related to C4D

Date Created Title All Thesaurus Terms Expanded Number
12-May-1975 Communications Support to Project Implementation. EXPRO-240. Directive from Charles A. Egger to UNICEF Field Offices Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change 6 pp .
The memo outlines the objectives of PSC: to facilitate the better attainment of project objectives by systematic use of communications. Communications methods and channels properly utilized, particularly in combination, can effectively remove obstacles to project implementation. The memo deals with varous aspects of PSC: understanding target groups; planning and implementation; participation in project preparation; radio; film; traditional media; equipment; feedback; and financing.
13-Jun-1975 Communications Support to Project Implementation. EXPRO-240 Add 1. Directive from Charles A. Egger to UNICEF Field Offices Egypt; Kenya; Zambia; India; Sri Lanka; Afghanistan; Programme support communications 3 pp.
Summaries of work done with PSC assistance in several regions: Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambia. For example, in Afghanistan, a film was produced in farsi; in English, its title would be, A Book is not Enough" challenging teachers to depart from a long-established system. In Egypt, tapes were produced containing a mixture of entertainment and instructions on health, hygiene and child-care addressing mothers waiting for many hours in overcrowded clinics.

14-Apr-1978 An Expanded Water and Sanitation Project: Communications Aspects. Prototype project design created by Bjorn Berndtson, Chief, PSC Service, UNICEF Hq, New York. Water; Sanitation; Health promotion; Health communication; Programme support communications With covering memo sending the project proposal to Martin Beyer, Advisor, Drinking Water Programme.
The document puts a lot of emphasis on the technical aspect of communications, i.e. how to typeset and print leaflets, pamphlets, posters etc for distribution, and what kind of equipment would be useful; how to make films, videos, etc.
01-Feb-1980 PSC Thailand. "Programmer's Guide for Support Communications within UNICEF-assisted Projects" conference paper, Regional PSC Meeting, Bangkok, 18-26 February 1980 Social development; Workshops; Communication for development; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Behavior change communication 33 pp. Guidelines on how to set up a PSC Unit and implement communication support to programmes. Contributed to by UNICEF PSC staff worldwide, participating at the meeting. Emphasis on social communication
14-Feb-1980 Communications Strategy for the Basic Services Programme in Jamaica. With memo from RRN Tuluhungwa to Fritz Lherisson, UNICEF Rep in Kingston with attached project proposal for a Basic Services for Children Project in Jamaica Basic services; Social mobilization; Jamaica; Programme support communications; Communication strategy The project proposal involves communication support for the delivery of basic services for children, foreseen over a 4-year duration. The project will seek to inform, educate and mobilise the community members, including promoting awareness of the opportunities for self-development ... CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000246
01-Jan-1982 Country Guidelines on Preparation of Country Workshop Plans. Prepared at UNICEF Hq, New York re the Sub-regional Workshop on Training of Trainers for Communications for Basic Services, UNICEF's workshop in Mbabane, Swaziland, 14 March - 2 April 1982 Evaluation; Evaluation studies; Training; Communication for development; Communication for social change; Communication for social development Also includes "Problems and issues in Communication for Social Development" a synthesis and categorization of problems and issues raised by workshop particiants in their presentations, by Obediah Mazombwe, PSC Officer, UNICEF Office, Salisbury, Zimbabwe, and "Excursions analysis", an evaluation of the trips made by workshop participants to two projects in Swaziland. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000229
01-May-1982 Guidelines for the preparation of information workplans in the Americas Region. Produced by UNICEF's Americas Regional Office Target groups; Communication media; Programme support communications 5 pp. See paras 14 - 20 discussing target audiences. Given UNICEF's limited resources, and the difficulty in determining true end-users of UNICEF's message, it is not realistic to have the public in general as a target audience. A good network of multipliers makes the effort more cost-effective. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000312
01-Nov-2006 Programme Communication for Early Child Development. First Edition November 2006. Companion publication to " Programming Experiences in Early Child Development ". Early Child Development Unit. PD, NYHQ. Programme communication; Early childhood education This booklet explains how principles of programme communication are part of a holistic approach to Early Child Development (ECD). It is designed for programme planners, designers, artists, and communicators to improve their ability to use programme communication for holistic early child
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