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16-Sep-1982 Primary Health Care - The Purpose of Cutting the Umbilical Cord. Radio drama by Tsenna Mengistu of the Ethiopian Educational Broadcasting Service. Also evaluation and report on Red Cross Award ceremony. Community participation; Theatre; Health promotion; Primary health care projects; Radio programmes; Health communication; Evaluation studies 40 pp
Document contains text of the radio drama, and an account of the Award Ceremony, Geneva 8 October 1983 by Jeanne Vickers representing UNICEF.
01-Jan-1983 Review of National Health Strategy. Part II. Internal draft, undated. Probably 1983-1984. Basic services; Political conditions; Primary health care; Health promotion; Health services; Health communication; Communication strategy; Evaluation studies 7 pp
Blueprint for determining a national health strategy in client country, listing general criteria for assessing political commitment, sources of information, evaluation of current strategy, assessment of what UNICEF can accomplish.
17-Jan-1983 Sub-regional Programme of Support to National Efforts to Improve Infant Feeding Patterns in Central America. Memo attaching draft programme. UNICEF, Central America and Panama Breastfeeding; Infant feeding; Child nutrition; Central America; Panama; Communication for social change; Evaluation studies 20 pp
The Draft programme sets out the general situation leading to a decline in breastfeeding, and the resulting loss in childhealth, summarizes actions needed to change the situation, analyzes constraints and challenges, and proposes a strategy. Objectives, impacts, course of action, schedule, administrative structure and evaluation methods, are also discussed.
26-Jan-1983 Red Cross Radio Prize to Promote PHC in Africa 1983. Report of the Jury (WHO, LRCS, UNICEF and URTNA) awarding the 1983 Prize. Also the radio play by Tsenna Mengistu (Ethiopia) that won 1st Prize. Primary health care; Radio programmes; Ethiopia; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Evaluation studies 40 pp
This document contains; the jury deliberations 1983; members of the jury; list of contetstants; criteria for awarding the prize; observations of the jury; regulations surrounding participation in the contest and award of the prize; script of the play winning 1st prize; broadcasting schedule and duration of broadcast; programme notes outlining the general health situation in Ethiopia, targeted audience, and evaluation of the programme; animators' guide; questionnaires for listeners to find out what they learned and how they evaluate the programme.
30-Jun-1983 UNU Global Learning Division. Conceptual Framework and Proposed Activities. Paper by Edward W. Ploman, Vice-Rector, UN University, Tokyo UNU; Education for development; Learning; Information dissemination; Information transfer; Evaluation studies 35 pp
The document discusses knowledge, learning and information sharing as facets of a process, comprising the production of knowledge, its evaluation, dissemination and application.
With related correspondence transmitting the document to RRN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF Hq, requesting his response.
01-Jan-1985 Some Observations on Communication for the Child Survival and Development Revolution (CSDR). Paper by Colin Fraser, UNICEF Consultant, presented at the Social Communication and Marketing Workshop, Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985, organized by UNICEF. Planning; Social marketing; Child health; Advocacy; Communication for social change; Evaluation studies 15 pp
The consultant mentions 3 other documents (see p. 2) that he considers excellent papers on communication strategies for CSDR (see TRIM records CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000051 and CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000053 by Reesom Haile and others; CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007- 000124, Tarzie Vittachi; and (MENA Annual Strategy mtg, Sept 1984 - not found/scanned yet). The report discusses advocacy at the global and country levels, and social communication at the community and family levels; the impact of political will; the need for in-depth research at village level before commencing communication/social marketing. Evaluation is necessary at all levels; some policy and operational proposals are given, nomenclature (social marketing) is discussed, staffing implications, and the need to integrate social marketing and communication (SCM) into UNICEF's programmes. Finally, the report considers orientation and training needs, the role of advertising agencies, how to build up national capacity, and extend UNICEF's capacity in SCM.

01-Jan-1985 Social Communication and Marketing for a Child Survival and Development Revolution. Operational guidelines by Colin Fraser, UNICEF Consultant, presented at the Workshop on Social Communication and Marketing, held in Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985, UNICEF. Evaluation; Planning; Community participation; Child survival and development; Social marketing; Evaluation studies 29 pp
Each guideline is accompanied by a hypothetical case, illustrating its applicability in a practical situation. The guidelines address inter alia assessing government's perception of situation, setting priorities among aspects of UNICEF's package, gathering background info, preliminary planning, community level research, detailed planning, etc. and finally in-depth evaluation after 6 months and consequent reformulation of programme for the future.
07-Jan-1985 Strengthening HQ Support for Programme Implementation. Organization for Social Marketing/Communications. Paper by John Williams and R.RN Tuluhungwa, UNICEF, NY, prepared for the Social Communication and Marketing Workshop, Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 198, UNICEF Social marketing; Advocacy; Programme support communications; Communication for social change; Evaluation studies 5 pp
The paper is largely based on Colin Fraser's report of 5 Dec 1984 (TRIM record No CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000367). The authors are mainly in agreement with the report, and their purpose is to pull out some major points for discussion at the Workshop. UNICEF must clarify the linkages between advocacy at the global and national levels; it is essential to establish a roster of senior consultants to work with UNICEFs regional offices and set country level communications plans. UNICEF should make more use of national institutions; information and communications need to be integrated into one unit; monitoring and evaluation capacity needs to be established; certain posts need to be added; nomenclature to be standardized.

06-Mar-1985 Child Survival and Development Revolution. Towards a communication strategy. Abridged report of the Social Communication and Marketing Workshop, Nairobi, 10-17 Feb 1985. UNICEF Social change; Behavioural change; Child survival and development; Social marketing; Communication strategy; Evaluation studies 9 pp
General commentary on the workshop. Outlines its genesis and objectives, and role within UNICEF's policies and programmes.Process was a key factor in development, as was empowering people to help themselves. Participants' expectations and evaluation of workshop; conclusions and recommendations for policy action in the field and at Hq.
01-Jan-1988 at 10:56 AM Tunisia MENA Evaluation of the Vaccination Coverage Program and the Impact of Social Mobilization National Vaccination Day 1987 Evaluation studies; Social mobilization   CF-RAI-USAA-DPP-SI-2005-000523