Items relating to Haiti 1947-1989

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Date Created Title Expanded Number
5/25/1962 Haiti - Youth Vocational Training and Social Services CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/1997-09557
1/1/1982 PSC. Haiti. Prelimary proposals and recommendations for a social communications programme as an approach of integrated basic services for mothers and children in Haiti, mission report by Jose Carlos Manduley, PSC Officer, UNICEF, New York CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000108
10/1/1984 PSC. Haiti. Communication in Support of Programmes for Children in Haiti, mission report by RRN Tuluhungwa, Chief, PSC Service, New York, and Monique Clesca, PSC Officer, Haiti. CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000105
10/17/1984 PSC. Haiti. Consultancy report on Haiti JNSP programme, by Richard K. Manoff, UNICEF Consultant CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000100
1/24/1986 Cover letter from Monique Clesca to John Charnow with attached DRAFT History of UNICEF Haiti CF/RAI/USAA/DB01/HS/1996-0206
1/1/1989 at 1:29 PM Survival and Health of Children in Haiti HTI TACRO 1989 CF-RAI-USAA-DPP-SI-2005-000135
3/25/2010 at 4:38 PM FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Link item for documents relating to Haiti 1947-1989 CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-HS-2010-00002