UNICEF in Italy 1947-1970 - related pdf items

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Date Created Title Expanded Number
09-Feb-1948 Italy Amendment to Plan of Operations CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2002-00855
31-Dec-1949 Continuing Needs of Children - Italy CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2000-05829
22-Feb-1954 Italy - MCW (premature infants) 22 February 1954 CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-01669
02-Mar-1955 Italian Somaliland [ Somalia ] - Malaria 2 March 1955 CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-02081
17-Feb-1956 Italy - MCP CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-02352
09-Aug-1957 Somaliland under Italian Administration - Malaria CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-02903
12-Aug-1957 Somaliland under Italian Administration - Feeding CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-02954
20-Jan-1958 Somaliland under Italian Administration - MCW CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-02996
08-Apr-1959 Somaliland under Italian Administration - Report on mergency Food Allocation CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2000-08308
01-Apr-1964 at 3:45 PM Children and Youth in Development Planning, Conclusions of a round-table conference held at Bellagio, Italy, 1-7 April 1964. CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-HS-2006-00088