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One Cofrin Curator of Asian Art at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida recently approached us concerning the Indian artist Jamini Roy, who, in 1956, had designed two greeting cards for UNICEF sales. The curator was requesting publication quality color images for a scholarly article about the artist.

Repeated and inventive searches in our archives database sadly yielded no information. More likely the cards exist in one of the dozens of GCO related boxes, but could not be identified in the cryptically defined boxes from the era long gone when descriptive titles were not yet digitally possible. If we ever had the army of staff required to digitize all of UNICEF's more intriguing holdings, we could no doubt discover some artifacts of truly historical and worthy note.

Although we were unsuccessful, the curator kindly onforwarded this advertisment in "The American Journal of Nursing" (November 1956) Vol. 56, No. 11, page 1429. The drawing featured, 'Maiden on Horse' has that unique childlike charm so characteristic of many past cards and can understand the curator's interest in locating the original.

Who knows? One day more information on Jamini Roy may turn up in related queries: we are currently researching copyright issues on a Picasso Mother and Child Poster possibly produced by UNICEF some decades ago, and hope to discover more leads on Roy in the process. There is always hope!





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