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Marlene Dietrich volunteers at 1961 GCO campaign

While searching for information on a Picasso 'Mother Child' poster, a UNICEF bulletin suddenly surfaced from October 1961 that details some of the more illustrious artistic donations to UNICEF's Greeting Card Operations.

Did you know that

  • Marlene Dietrich volunteered for the 1961 UNICEF greeting card campaign.
  • Pablo Picasso designed a tapestry that hung in the delegates' lounge at the UN and was used as a UNICEF greeting card called 'Haven'.
  • Five Cape Dorset Eskimo artists, Ikaluk, Kananginak, Mungituk, Niviaksiak and Pootagook designed series of cards 'Arctic Life' for UNICEF.
  • Turkey's 'Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu donated 'The Journey' and stated "In the ordeal of our times, art has assumed a new importance in bringing men of different creeds together in a world split by the atom".
  • Andre Francois contributed a set of five designs 'A Child's World'. He commented 'I have tried to feel like a child and interpret the carefree experiences of the world's happy children, for, through UNICEF's work, children everywhere have a greater opportunity for a happy life".
  • A Pakistani descendent of the Taj Mahal designer, M. A. Rahman, is his nation's leading artist and created 'The Star' for UNICEF saying "It is more gratifying to give this work to such a wonderful cause than it would be to sell it any price".

Now if we could only find the colour originals....





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